Rosemary, a family-owned culinary gem, is situated in Ridley Park, PA. Founded by Philadelphia food scene veterans, owner Philip Breen and executive chef Elijah Milligan, the restaurant boasts locally sourced, modern American cuisine with global influences. The challenge? Enticing Philadelphia press and customers to venture to Delaware County and savor the delights of Rosemary.


PBPR jumped right in, meticulously orchestrating the restaurant’s opening timeline to ensure a seamless launch. Leveraging the power of social media, PBPR generated excitement and engagement, drawing food enthusiasts from Bucks and Montgomery counties, as well as Philadelphia, to Rosemary’s doorstep. Their expert advice on interior design and noise reduction enhanced the dining experience, making Rosemary even more inviting. The masterstroke, however, was reserving exclusive coverage of Rosemary’s debut for The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Michael Klein, the region’s top food writer. PBPR crafted a compelling narrative around Rosemary’s origins, emphasizing the background and pedigree of the owner and executive chef. They pitched the opening release to an array of food writers and media outlets across the region and invited notable media professionals to experience Rosemary’s excellence during its soft opening.


Rosemary became a culinary sensation, consistently fully booked. The buzz created around the restaurant’s opening was so compelling that diners flocked from not only Delaware County but also Chester County, Montgomery County, and elsewhere in the Greater Philadelphia area. Coverage of Rosemary was extensive, gracing the pages of nearly every major Philadelphia and suburban newspaper. In-depth TV packages on local networks celebrated the restaurant, while chef Elijah Milligan’s profile in Philadelphia magazine further solidified Rosemary’s presence in the culinary landscape.