Lu & Aug’s

Lu & Aug’s

Lu & Aug’s, a heartwarming family-owned ice cream destination nestled in Ardmore, PA, was the brainchild of husband-and-wife entrepreneurs Ash & Pretha Kailath. This charming ice cream haven, specializing in premium soft-serve ice cream, coffee, and affogato, was named as a tribute to their two teenage children, Laiyla and Augustine. When the Kailath family began their dream venture, they reached out to PBPR for assistance with planning a grand opening, generating extensive publicity, creating a strong online presence, and spreading the word across the press.


PBPR’s strategy was a masterful blend of anticipation and community engagement. They meticulously consulted on the opening timeline, orchestrating a soft opening and inviting influencers to set the stage for an unforgettable launch. With an eye on building a robust social media presence, PBPR created and managed Lu & Aug’s Instagram account, crafting captivating posts that resonated with the brand’s identity. Graphic design also played a pivotal role, as PBPR designed eye-catching visuals for hiring employees and baristas. A tantalizing food photo shoot added further allure to Lu & Aug’s offerings, serving as a wellspring of content for press and social media. PBPR also diligently pitched the concept to the press to maintain a steady drumbeat of coverage.


Lu & Aug’s opening was nothing short of a triumph. PBPR’s strategic approach generated immense anticipation in the community and press. Residents eagerly awaited the business’ launch, creating a buzz that was impossible to ignore with coverage on all the major local TV outlets and top print outlets in the region including 6ABC, Philadelphia Magazine, Main Line Today, Philly Voice, Philadelphia Inquirer, and The Philadelphia Business Journal. The opening was celebrated with a generous giveaway — a free small cone for all attendees — making it a delightful introduction to the community.

Furthermore, Lu & Aug’s partnered with a local charity, donating a portion of opening day sales to the Ardmore Food Pantry, an organization dedicated to alleviating food insecurity in the local community.