Cake & Joe

Cake & Joe

When Cake & Joe approached PBPR, they were only a name on paper — an up-and-coming gourmet cake, coffee, and beverage shop with aspirations of becoming a household name. PBPR embarked on a journey to launch their brand, working diligently to boost brand awareness, drive sales, and solidify Cake & Joe’s position in the market.


PBPR crafted a meticulous strategy to elevate Cake & Joe’s brand. One of the first steps was establishing Cake & Joe’s Instagram account, creating a digital foothold for the brand. Acknowledging a language barrier with Cake & Joe’s Chinese founders Sarah Qi and Trista Tang, PBPR provided invaluable media training to ensure Cake & Joe communicated effectively in TV segments and interviews, leaving a lasting impression. Culinary creativity flourished as PBPR collaborated closely with the Cake & Joe team, conceptualizing buzz-worthy daily specials, innovative collaborations, and partnerships with outside chefs, including a celebrated Female Chef Series, to garner additional attention.


Cake & Joe achieved remarkable recognition, being named the “best coffee shop” and “best dessert shop” in Philadelphia by Philadelphia magazine. Within a mere two years since their inception in December 2020, Cake & Joe opened a second location, a testament to remarkable growth. Collaborations with external culinary luminaries birthed unique and successful cake creations, including noteworthy partnerships with Kalaya and Càphê Roasters. Seasonal challenges were met head-on with PBPR’s ingenuity, envisioning year-round promotions and specials that continued to drive Cake & Joe’s thriving business. Notably, Cake and Joe’s Instagram followers surged from a modest 50 to an impressive 10,000 within a few short months.