Fishtown Pickle Project

Fishtown Pickle Project

When Fishtown Pickle Project partnered with PBPR, they were a passionate pickle enterprise without a physical storefront, aspiring to establish their brand presence locally. PBPR embraced the challenge, aiming to enhance brand recognition, boost sales, and craft a unique identity for Philly’s beloved new pickle producers.


The creative sparks ignited during the inaugural meeting with PBPR resulted in the birth of the “Feast of Seven Pickles,” an annual holiday cocktail soirée showcasing seven delectable pickle-infused dishes impeccably paired with fine wines. This unique concept was a game-changer. Moreover, when the unanticipated challenges brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic struck, PBPR and Fishtown Pickle Project pivoted ingeniously. Together, they conceptualized a DIY kit, enabling patrons to savor the pickle magic from the comfort of their homes.


The collaboration has resulted in a barrel full of achievements. The announcement of the “Feast of Seven Pickles” not only attracted substantial media attention, securing more than a dozen prominent placements but also triggered an extraordinary surge in sales. This event, now an annual tradition for Philadelphians, quickly sold out with a waiting list of nearly 200 enthusiastic patrons. A crowning achievement for the Fishtown Pickle Project was being named “Best of Philly” by Philadelphia Magazine.