The HOW Group

The HOW Group

The HOW Group, a dynamic real estate powerhouse with over 80 professionals across eight divisions, began a journey of transformation when they were known as HOW Properties. Seeking a seamless transition to become The HOW Group and shine a spotlight on a flagship new development, The Overlook, they turned to PBPR for a comprehensive solution.


PBPR crafted a multifaceted six-month campaign that showcased its prowess in rebranding and community engagement. A web video series titled “Falling for East Falls” was created, which served as a vibrant showcase of East Falls’ finest businesses, bridging a profound connection between The HOW Group and the community. To reinvigorate the real estate landscape, PBPR orchestrated a high-profile real estate professionals event at one of The Overlook’s townhomes. This event drew in renowned real estate experts, including industry stalwart Allan Domb. Guided by’s executive editor Danya Henninger, a panel discussion featured select A-listers.


The HOW Group’s transformation from HOW Properties was not just a name change; it was a resounding success. The Overlook, a centerpiece of the campaign, garnered unprecedented attention. Every townhome, priced at $750,000 or more, sold swiftly, and phase two of the project was launched shortly after the campaign commenced. The “Falling for East Falls” video series struck a chord, forging a stronger bond between the developer and the community. PBPR’s press release, heralding The Overlook’s unveiling, secured extensive media coverage, subsequently propelling sales. The pivotal real estate professionals’ event was a resounding success, motivating agents to introduce potential buyers to the development, thereby fueling new relationships and robust sales.