Ooka and Komé

The tale unfolds with Benny and Lenny Huang, proprietors of Ooka sushi and hibachi restaurants in Doylestown and Willow Grove, PA, embarking on an audacious venture. After a decade of unassuming operations, they set their sights on establishing two multi-million-dollar culinary destinations in Montgomeryville, PA (Ooka) and the Lehigh Valley (Komé). These urban-inspired, avant-garde establishments garnered acclaim from suburban patrons and local food critics alike. However, to realize their ambitious vision, they needed a consistent flow of news stories that would firmly establish them as the ultimate authorities in sushi, hibachi, and Japanese cuisine. Their goal was to engage and captivate food enthusiasts who would not only dine at their restaurants but also become passionate ambassadors, enthusiastically sharing their experiences with friends and family. To achieve this, a meticulously crafted plan and a seasoned publicist were essential.


Leveraging their talented chef, Shuji Hiyakawa, and highly trained servers, PBPR developed a press strategy that centered around Chef Hiyakawa’s exceptional skills and well-trained servers and orchestrated attention-grabbing events, such as importing 600-pound tunas from the coast of Spain and showcasing an innovative menu item dubbed “No Soy Sushi.” A standout initiative was the “Sushi Surgeons” fundraising partnership with Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN), pairing top doctors with sushi chefs to raise funds for one of the most important health resources in the Lehigh Valley.


Their efforts yielded impressive results, firmly establishing Ooka and Komé as culinary destinations. Media coverage, including features in the Philadelphia Business Journal, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and Philadelphia magazine’s “Best of Philly” recognition, catapulted them into the culinary spotlight. The innovative initiatives generated substantial media buzz and widespread interest. Notably, their partnership, “Sushi Surgeons,” not only raised $10,000 but also fostered a dedicated customer base while gaining attention from esteemed publications, including the Chicago Tribune.