Abby Dahan

Abby Dahan

Abby Dahan, an acclaimed French pastry chef and Food Network Chopped Sweet Champion, embarked on a journey to elevate her culinary brand. She sought PBPR’s expertise to tackle the challenge of expanding her brand’s reach, creating broader awareness, and attracting a fresh wave of clients to her unique venture, the Baking School.


PBPR’s strategy was multifaceted – from the very beginning, we secured Abby a multi-page feature in the prestigious Pastry Arts Magazine, catapulting her into the culinary spotlight. PBPR meticulously managed Abby’s social media presence, nurturing her brand identity and impressively boosting her Instagram following by 1,000 new followers within the first few months. Collaborating closely with Abby, the team crafted innovative culinary programs, including her first savory dinner collaboration at River Twice (which sold out), that not only drew in customers but also positioned her as a culinary trailblazer. Going above and beyond conventional public relations strategies, PBPR became trusted advisors to Abby, providing guidance on various aspects of her culinary journey.


Abby graced the pages of Pastry Arts Magazine twice, solidifying her status as a culinary luminary. Television appearances on multiple local stations further solidified her reputation as a culinary sensation. Abby’s interactive virtual baking lessons gained immense popularity, facilitating a seamless transition into a successful in-person culinary school. Collaborative culinary events not only delighted food enthusiasts but also yielded an outstanding return on investment. We played a pivotal role in positioning Abby’s brand and providing her with the guidance needed to navigate the complex culinary landscape.