Paffuto, a beloved Italian café that opened in December 2023 from Chefs Dan Griffiths, Jake Loeffler, and Sam Kalkut, made its rounds as a pop-up concept in Philadelphia since 2021. When the team approached PBPR for representation, they were preparing to open their first location, looking for guidance, creative, press coverage and publicity to launch their new brick-and-mortar operation.


From Day 1, PBPR was able to secure countless press for the Paffuto team, as the new restaurant instantly became one of Philly’s hottest dining destinations. After getting the doors open and landing dozens of news stories and TV appearances for the new Italian café, the next goal was to develop a series of press-worthy events that would keep Paffuto in the news after the first wave of stories, drawing in new customers from throughout the Philadelphia region with innovative collaborations and strategies. Additionally, the PBPR team sought to bring in regional and national press to garner greater exposure.


Within the first month of working together, the PBPR team conceived multiple collaborative events that were major hits with the press and public. “Paffuto Presents a Pocket Party: Panzerotti and Pastelillos with Amy’s Pastelillos” garnered extremely positive press, and on the day of the popup, Paffuto gained a ton of new customers who were familiar with Amy’s brand, selling out of all products by early afternoon. The next collaboration conceived featured two nights of Cassoulet with acclaimed chef Pierre Calmels, whose award-winning restaurant Bibou thrived in the Paffuto space until the Coronavirus pandemic shuttered the restaurant during the spring of 2020. The collaboration received incredible press coverage from nearly every Philadelphia-area publication, and not only sold out in only a few hours, but had 100+ person waiting list for reservations. This newfound relationship between the Paffuto team and Chef Calmels opened the door for future collaborations, as the uber-successful event inspired conversations to partner again for future events.

In addition to the collaborations, the PBPR team brought in local and national writers, helping to place a number of stories in regional magazines and national publications.