Cescaphe Event Group

Cescaphe Event Group

In 2004, Joe Volpe, the visionary behind Cescaphe Event Group, dreamt of creating stunning weddings. By 2010, Cescaphe Event Group was creating hundreds of weddings annually and had major growth aspirations. Volpe and Peter Breslow partnered to redefine their brand’s identity in the competitive Philadelphia wedding market.


Recognizing the need to set Cescaphe Event Group apart in the crowded regional wedding industry, PBPR conducted a thorough market analysis and helped Joe Volpe craft a concise brand statement in January 2011 as “Philadelphia’s Premier Wedding Brand.” PBPR’s role shifted from team participant to guardian of the brand, while Volpe focused on growth and maintaining their impeccable standards.


With the new positioning statement in place, Cescaphe Event Group opened its fourth venue, Vie, in 2011, making a grand entrance into the wedding scene as they hosted more than 1,000 of the city’s movers and-shakers for Philadelphia magazine’s “Best of Philly” party. Building on this momentum, PBPR expanded the brand’s presence in prominent publications, forging mutually beneficial partnerships and producing trendsetting videos. In 2013, they took over the historic Down Town Club and orchestrated weddings in their fifth venue.

Today, Cescaphe Event Group thrives as a leading wedding brand, hosting more than 1,000 weddings annually. They’ve embraced social media, inspiring attendees to share their celebratory moments. Joe Volpe’s vision continues to evolve, with plans for more venues and regional expansion, solidifying Cescaphe Event Group’s status as “Philadelphia’s Premier Wedding Brand.”