Tenacious, resolute and determined, Peter Breslow has been called “A PR Machine” by his clients as well as many members of the press.

If you’re looking for a savvy, sophisticated multi-faceted public relations campaign, look no further than Peter Breslow. An admitted news junkie, Breslow is obsessed with influencing the news media and creating buzz for his clients.

Peter’s obsession with creating buzz began when he was five years-old, when he ran for president of his pre-school class. He launched his first PR campaign with posters proclaiming, “Bres for Pres.” The only problem with his plan was that his pre-school class didn’t hold elections for leadership positions. After finding out school policy conflicted with his goals, Peter won the popular vote that he organized on the playground, and has been a trend setter ever since.

“I eat, sleep and live PR 24 hours a day,” said Breslow while speaking to a classroom full of public relations students recently. “I think about my clients’ goals and how I can deliver results while I’m in the shower, in the car, even in my sleep. I’m addicted to PR, and I’m okay with that. I love the excitement and daily stimulation that my lifestyle provides!”

Breslow has introduced hundreds of businesses, helped dozens of entrepreneurs realize their dreams, generated immeasurable awareness, and has driven legions of consumers to experience the brands he has worked for since becoming a publicist in 1997.

In 2010, Peter began producing short films to help tell his clients’ stories. Links to these films are included in press releases and emails sent to consumers who sign up to receive correspondence, updates and special offers generated by the brands he works with. “We live in a very visual world today,” said Breslow. “My films give the press a better understanding of the deliverables I’m asking them to report about. They also provide an additional layer of substance and a greater sense of connection for the consumer interested in learning more about the brands I work with.”

Why Peter Breslow?
-Because he’ll do everything possible to create irrefutable buzz for your brand.
-Because he works tirelessly to deliver measurable results.
-Because he’s obsessed with success.