Zoe Shipenberg

Zoe Shipenberg


Zoe Shipenberg is a dynamic publicist who joined the PBPR team in February 2023. Originally hired as an assistant, Zoe quickly outgrew her role as her passion for PR and content creation took center stage. She now spearheads pitching compelling stories, manages an impressive portfolio of six social media accounts, oversees client meetings, coordinates advertising, and produces engaging content.

Zoe’s journey into PR began with a degree in public relations from Hofstra University, followed by a series of internships that sharpened her skills and fueled her enthusiasm. After college, she transitioned from New York to Philadelphia and spent some time in the restaurant industry. In fact, during this period, she took the initiative to manage social media for one of the restaurants she worked for, enhancing its online presence and providing a first-hand glimpse of the power of effective PR. This experience proved invaluable, allowing her to cultivate a profound understanding of clients’ needs and the challenges they face.

Two of Zoe’s standout projects at PBPR include Rosemary, a fine dining gem that opened in

Ridley Park, and her role in promoting the first-ever Juneteenth mural for Germantown Art House. Zoe’s dedication to social impact and her ability to engage diverse audiences have played a pivotal role in the success of these ventures.

Beyond her PR prowess, Zoe is a true music aficionado with a particular passion for jazz and rap. With her love for music, knack for engaging storytelling, and empathetic approach, Zoe continues to make her mark at PBPR, always pushing boundaries to overcome any obstacle that comes her way.