Winging It: A Super Bowl Prelude

    Why Wings are Hot This Week:

    Football fans and buffalo wing lovers alike, pay attention! The National Chicken Council has declared a shortage of chickens on the market. With the announcement coming mere days before the Super Bowl, prices on chicken platters are being raised to prepare for the dearth of birds. The blame has been sourced to the rising price of corn. The government is encouraging the use of ethanol for fuel; so much of the crop has been diverted for that purpose instead of as chicken feed. There has also been a drought in the Midwest, slowing crop growth. The wing world is certainly in the spotlight now, due to a few big occurrences this week.

    Two men from Doraville, Georgia have been accused of stealing approximately $65,000 worth of frozen chicken from cold storage: a total of approximately 26 thousand pounds of wings. The suspects have been caught, but the chicken is still hidden at an undisclosed location. This certainly does not help local prices during the shortage.

    Wings are the traditional feast for the Super Bowl, paired with a good beer and a seven-layer dip. The aforementioned National Chicken Council estimates that over 1.25 billion wing portions will be eaten during the game. Even Philadelphia area football fans with limited rooting interest in Super Bowl are prepared to chow down. We prepare for the championship with one of our own: the 2013 Wing Bowl. This year’s winner was a high school teacher and Navy veteran from Connecticut. His prize, according to WPVI-TV, was “$20,000 in cash along with a $7,500 ring from Philadelphia Jeweler Steven Singer.” Not bad for a competitive eating showdown!

    Here’s a friendly reminder: make sure to order your wings in advance this year. Enjoy the Super Bowl and have a safe weekend! With so much food to be devoured, I recommend a pale craft-brew from Maine: Allagash White. It is a soft but smooth Witbier that will not leave you full (save that for those wings!). Don’t trust my recommendation — It scored 93 points out of 100 on, so you know it’s a beauty. Enjoy the game!

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