Philadelphia Couple Unveiling ‘Indoor GPS’ Solution to Speed Up Everyday Activities

    Startup’s Vision for Precision Indoor Positioning to be Showcased at coPhilly Demo Weekend on August 16 and 17

    Contact: Zachary Martin

    Phone: (724) 344-5418


    Thanks to a local couple’s business venture, a new vision for the uses for precision indoor positioning will be shared with a startup judge and mentor panel and with the public, beginning this August. Mary Kate and Chet Dagit, and their startup tech company, RTP Holdings, are developing and sharing solutions that bring smart-device positioning indoors through their Lokita™ software.  We’ve all experienced the convenience of using GPS to direct us to a friend’s new house, a distant restaurant or a vacation destination, but imagine being able to utilize the same technology while indoors. Many companies are pursuing these solutions, but the Dagits believe they have what it takes to streamline these technological advancements.

    Currently, GPS is not capable of finding precise locations when used inside. However, by augmenting GPS with position references from nearby radio devices such as WiFi access points, smartphones and tablets can learn where they are in an indoor environment. Mary Kate Dagit said, “everyone has the need to be oriented when they are in an unfamiliar place like a mall or large retail store, and everyone wants the convenience of mobile solutions that help with everyday activities like quickly finding a loved one, or locating a hard to find item on your shopping list.”

    In response to this need, the Dagits’ new company, RTP Holdings, is developing software to make it possible to locate people or objects to within a few meters by combining the signals from WiFi, cell phone towers and GPS satellites. Some malls and public venues are implementing smart-device position sensing technology with varying degrees of success, but RTP Holdings’ Lokita™ solution will utilize proprietary technology to make indoor pinpoint positioning a reality.

    The possibilities for these technological advancements are seemingly endless, and could create a simpler, safer and faster world. Shopping as we know it may forever be changed to be more convenient and enjoyable. For instance, instead of browsing through every aisle of the grocery store to find everything on your list, shoppers will soon be able to enter their grocery list and have it mapped out to the fastest route. Beyond that, it will even become possible to check if a product is in stock, if it’s on the shelves or in the process of being delivered to the store. In the very near future shoppers will be able to take greater control of their retail experiences.

    While RTP Holdings is focusing on mobile solutions for the retail sector, other industry sectors such as healthcare, entertainment, and safety and security will also benefit, so the Lokita Software Development Kit (SDK) is being designed to be customizable by partner mobile app developers who specialize in those areas.

    In February, the FCC released a Commission Report on improving the accuracy of E911 calls and estimated more than 10,000 lives could be saved annually by improving precision indoor location technology. Because of this potential, Chet and Mary Kate knew it was vital to make this software widely available. “It is important to make this software accessible to other developers and to the Open Source software community,” said Chet.

    The Lokita™ software is currently in its developmental stages. The RTP Holdings team has been utilizing multiple Philadelphia-area resources including the international startup collaboration and coworking service, Impact Hub, which opened last February in Northern Liberties. The Dagits also plan to partner with a local university’s Broadband Wireless Lab for the development of their software. They are currently seeking project sponsors, strategic partners and individual industry leaders to join their new venture. Meanwhile, they have started raising seed capital and have begun the search for Angel Investors to supply them with the necessary working capital to develop their software.

    The Dagits will present their business plan at the coPhilly Demo Weekend on August 16th and 17th, which is an accelerated crowdfunding initiative. “Kevin Provost, CEO of coPhilly explains, “Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding are becoming an integral part of our society and the Philadelphia region is stepping up to provide leadership. With the support of coPhilly’s sponsors like Offit Kurman and Schetchman Marks Devor PC, plus collaborative marketing initiatives like PHL Made, companies like RTP Holdings have a legitimate shot to enter the marketplace and immediately add positive value to the local community.

    The Dagits realize their new software can positively affect individuals as well as businesses, so in the coming weeks they will launch an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign that will provide supporters many lucrative incentives as a thank-you for helping them bring their product to life.  Keep an eye out for various updates on RTP Holdings’ development, partnerships and crowdfunding ventures along with their presentation to the judgement panel at coPhilly Demo Weekend on August 16th, and a public demonstration the following day on August 17th.

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