New Company’s ‘Indoor GPS’ Re-Imagines Retail, Healthcare, and Safety & Security

    Startup Developing Technology to Create Precision Indoor Positioning 

    We’ve all experienced the convenience of using GPS to direct us to a friend’s new house, a distant restaurant or a vacation destination, but imagine being able to utilize the same technology while indoors. RTP Holdings is a new Philadelphia-based startup doing just that as it enters the market this summer with a solution that brings smart-device positioning indoors. The most immediate benefit RTP Holdings plans to bring to the public is a streamlined and accelerated retail shopping experience.

    As company founder Chet Dagit explains, GPS is not currently capable of finding precise locations when used indoors. “GPS works great outside, but when you bring it inside, the signal literally goes out the window. Using WiFi signals that are already present indoors we can solve universal problems everyone has like quickly finding a loved one, locating a bathroom, and protecting our safety,” said Dagit. This precision indoor positioning has the potential to have a greater impact on our everyday lives than our current outdoor GPS systems.

    While the applications of precision indoor positioning are seemingly endless, RTP Holdings has focused their software development especially on  the retail sector. With precision indoor positioning, it will now be possible to take your grocery list and enter it into an app to have your entire shopping experience mapped out for you. On top of that, you will now be able to find out if the product you’re looking for is on the shelves, in stock, or in the process of being delivered.

    Other industries that will benefit from their innovation include healthcare and safety and security. On the healthcare side, their software could create a future where hospital patients are able to walk around a facility freely, and caregivers will be able to locate them within a few feet of where they stand. Doctors could even study collected information from a patient’s movement patterns during their time at the hospital to see if anything stands out that could help with diagnosis and treatment.

    Within the safety and security realm, improved emergency service response times for finding victims in distress will save lives because first responders would be able to locate an individual to their exact location within an apartment or room in a house. Further, companies that have employees who do remote field work could be able to locate their employees in case they become lost or injured.

    After learning earlier this year that the FCC is starting to mandate mobile and Internet emergency (e911) calls to provide indoor location information, RTP Holdings pivoted their focus toward Business-to-Business (B2B) location-based services, and put their development process on an accelerated fast track in order to provide these services to the public in the hopes of improving everyday life. Look for further developments as RTP Holdings makes greater strides toward their goal of making precise indoor positioning a common tool for everyone to utilize.

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