If The Suit Fits…

    Philadelphia Is Suiting Up For Success With Custom Suits From Industry Leaders Throughout The World

    Men throughout Philadelphia are leaving their jeans and t-shirts behind for debonair dress-shirts, show stopping cuff links and dapper pocket squares. I’ve always been a fan of comfortable t-shirts and soft, worn to perfection AG jeans, but after seeing talented designers’ tailored Gatsby-esq suits, even I had to succumb to the budding 2013 trend of custom tailoring.

    Last year custom suit designer, Rob Fung of Robbini Bespoke, piqued my interest with his impeccable style during the bustling “Gotta Guy” event at Chima Brazilian Steakhouse. Between munching on mouthwatering steak and sucking down craft beers, I learned about Rob Fung’s growing company and The City of Brotherly Love’s increasing adoration of custom suits. Interested in helping someone with passion and an eye for style, I agreed to organize a networking soiree featuring Ro Fung’s Robbini Bespoke high-end custom suits at my favorite upscale hair salon SignaCur by Joseph Lentini.

    As Rob Fung measured some of my friends for Robbini Bespoke suits, Philadelphia Inquirer Fashion Writer Elizabeth Wellington stopped by to investigate the growing style development. While chatting with Elizabeth, Rob took my measurements, and I chose my fabric and additional design details. A couple of short months later, my suit arrived and I was ready to hit the streets in my Robbini Bespoke made-to-measure suit.

    That following April, industry leader Indochino, based in Vancover, contacted me about creating buzz for their upcoming 3 week Traveling Tailor pop-up store on Walnut Street. Indochino managers Crystal Walton and Antonio Guzman explained their excitement to infiltrate the Philadelphia suit circuit and after a couple days negotiation, we were ready to begin!

    Indochino took Philadelphia’s media by storm with numerous articles and television segments throughout the month of May. Along with their buzz-filled first week, we held a lively Private Press Experience filled with Indochino’s custom tailors measuring Philadelphia’s freshest gentlemen while sipping champagne and snacking on hors d’oeuvres by Circles Thai. After a thriving three weeks, Indochino decided that Philadelphia was such a success that they would add the City of Brotherly Love to their 2014 Traveling Tailor schedule!

    The icing on the already decadently dressed cake was a recent Philadelphia Inquirer story, published on August 8th featuring a half page front cover photo of Tom Foley, Chief Executive Officer of Northern Liberties-based Sedso Design, and I both sporting Indochino custom tailored suits, accompanied by Indochino Brand Manager Crystal Walton. Foley donned his classically styled three-piece gray suit, while I wore my Indochino summer brown suit, with pink stitching on the lapel and left sleeve. This story also featured talented designer Rob Fung, and promoted his eye for finding the perfect fitting suit style.

    The story was both a personal success for me and a huge step for both brands, Robbini Bespoke and Indochino, within the Philadelphia region.

    In the upcoming year, I expect men throughout the area to change their standard of style, and begin dressing to impress with tailored accents and custom suits. With that said, I will be rocking my two gorgeous suits more often; when your suit fits this well, there’s no excuse not to!

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