Couture Candy Buffets

Case Studies

One Sweet Brand Launch

Couture Candy Buffets’ CEO Tiffany Gabbay knew that she wanted a ton of exposure in the Philadelphia market when she launched her gourmet candy catering company in the fall of 2010. Within two months of hiring Peter Breslow Consulting, Inc. she got way more press than she ever dreamed possible, which packed her schedule with clients through the end of the year.

The first step in introducing this cool, over-the-top candy catering company was to write the copy for the company’s new website. We paired gorgeous photos of decadent candy buffets with copy that presented Tiffany’s expertise and experience as THE choice for the sweetest party amenities money could buy. We also wanted to convey that you didn’t need a million dollar budget to acquire Couture Candy Buffets’ stunning touch. The result is a website that presents a host of choices for small and large parties, which allows the consumer or party planning professional hundreds of options to astonish their guests with candy. Check it out by clicking:

Once we developed the website, we set out to garner awareness about Tiffany and her brand. We heard that Philadelphia magazine was doing a story on “Over-the-Top Kids Birthday Parties” in the November issue. We immediately pitched writer Vicky Glembocki, and were delighted to learn that Tiffany was a perfect fit for the 5-page feature. The story portrayed Gabbay as a driven entrepreneur who happened to be planning her own over-the-top party for her one year-old daughter. The exposure created a bunch of new business calls and a flood of traffic to the new website.

After securing the Philly mag story, we created a “Media Alert” presenting Tiffany as an expert for stories about “What’s Hot this Halloween” and landed her a five minute live segment on WCAU TV’s (Philadelphia’s NBC affiliate) The 10 Show! Tiffany built an inspired Halloween candy buffet, complete with an orange chocolate skull fondue fountain, and showcased how a creative party host can turn an 8-foot table into a dazzling candy buffet with the right ingredients and decor.

The high-profile media exposure positioned Couture Candy Buffets as a must-have amenity for anyone interested in organizing a party, but we weren’t finished executing our brand launch strategy. We identified the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Lifestyle section as the next press target in our sights. Fashion writer Elizabeth Wellington loved the positioning of the brand, and couldn’t help but love the name, as she focuses most of her reporting on fashion and lifestyle trends. On November 10, 2010, Wellington’s story, entitled Heaps of Sweets, showcased the trend of candy buffets coming from New York and Los Angeles to the Philadelphia area, and ran on the front page of the Inquirer’s Lifestyle section. The story was also tagged on the front page of the newspaper! Couture Candy Buffets had arrived, and Gabbay was booked solid for the next several months. This is hands-down one of our favorite examples of sweet success.