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Peter Breslow is obsessed with creating buzz. He’s been professionally pursuing buzz since 1997, when he joined his family’s public relations firm in Philadelphia. In the decade Peter spent as the Publicity Director of Breslow Partners, he lead the PR and branding efforts for star chefs, restaurants, luxury real estate developments and retail projects, hotels, conference centers, and the introduction of the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, and The Pier Shops at Caesars in Atlantic City, NJ.

Peter left Breslow Partners in the summer of 2007 to launch Peter Breslow Consulting & Public Relations — A company utilizing every drop of the decade of experiences, results, relationships, lessons, successes and challenges he endured, to deliver increased visibility, strategic editorial coverage and irrefutable buzz for the people and brands he works with.

Breslow believes that “every brand or product positioning is unique, and whomever is guiding a brand from introduction throughout maturity needs to understand how target markets acquire their information and what effects their spending decisions”. Upon completely understanding the consumers he’s targeting, Breslow places news stories in new and traditional media outlets, and utilizes social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to connect virally to influencers. Alliances with regional lifestyle magazines, charities, community groups, promoters, public relations and advertising agencies, etc. are also strategic targets.

Once a brand’s positioning is clearly defined and markets are identified, Breslow creates a critical path of action steps needed to achieve objectives. Specific goals and strategies are conceived and agreed to, and then the plan is executed. The plan is reviewed regularly, and new ideas and objectives are added continuously.

Peter Breslow’s drive, determination, high energy and affable personality make him a one-of-a-kind maven in the world of public relations and marketing. One could say that he has created a buzz about himself in obsessing about generating buzz for his clients.