A Surging, Successful Summer: Growing With Our Clients

    We’ve had a great addition to our team in the form of our intern Britney Harter. Britney has allowed us to expand and has taken a special partnership with the Dave Magrogan Group . She has played an integral role assisting in the opening of the new Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar in Harrisburg, her hometown. Back here in Philly, she is helping to build Stella Rossa’s nightlife brand. Her expertise working with nightlife brands and the service industry have made her a great fit, and it’s exciting to see what’s in-store for her next.

    Chet Dagit

    Chet Dagit Discusses RTP Holdings with KYW News Radio

    On my end, I have spent much of this month working with a new client, RTP Holdings, learning the ins and outs of technology start-ups. RTP Holdings is the materialization of a dream from husband/wife team Chet and Mary Kate Dagit. Together, they have been working to create a form of indoor GPS software, focusing their indoor positioning technology in the retail, healthcare, and safety and security sectors. The applications for their software are seemingly endless, and it’s a rewarding challenge to publicize such a versatile idea. This has been an especially exciting client to work with for me because I was able to write the first press release for the Dagits. I was proud to spend several nights writing, editing and re-writing releases for RTP Holdings.

    Chet then met with and told his story to Lauren Hertzler, the new technology writer for the Philadelphia Business Journal. I was elated that Chet was working with Lauren, as she was a fellow journalism major during my time at Temple University, and I know from working with her that she is one of the most focused and talented writers I’ve ever met.

    After meeting with the Philadelphia Business Journal, Chet sat down with KYW Newsradio’s Hadas Kuznits to further discuss the development of RTP Holdings’ software. It felt great to see the work for a client transform from a simple press release into detailed and far-reaching articles and news stories.

    Another client that experienced an exciting month was Cescaphe Event Group. It all started when Cescaphe decided to design and create a chandelier wedding cake for one of their weddings. Seeing the brilliant pastry chefs’ creativity matched with Cescaphe’s founder and CEO Joe Volpe’s vision made the cake even more stunning than I imagined.

    chandelier cake

    Cescaphe Event Group CEO Joe Volpe with Pastry Director Jennifer Roach beside a Chandelier Wedding Cake (Photo credit: Philip Gabriel)

    In partnership with Philadelphia Magazine, Cescaphe created a short video detailing the process of making this chandelier cake a reality. Personally, it’s inspiring to see how a company like Cescaphe operates, because they aren’t content to rest on their laurels despite the fact that they’re the top wedding brand in the city. Cescaphe’s endless work ethic is what’s made countless couples have the dream wedding they deserve. As a young publicist, it’s vital to work hard, grow and learn each and every day I work with our clients.

    Another way Cescaphe is staying ahead of wedding trends is bringing a new focus to the social media aspect of weddings. Cescaphe is currently in the process of hiring a social media coordinator for their weddings. It’s truly an innovative idea that embraces utilizing social media as yet another tool to make your wedding day as special as possible. This social media position with Cescaphe will include many responsibilities, but I think the most interesting aspect of the job is working social media into weddings. Should the bride and groom choose to do so, the social media coordinator will create a personalized hashtag for each wedding that all the guests can post their mobile wedding photos to on social media. This way, the bride and groom will be able to take an organized look at their memories after the wedding. Social media is one of my most valuable tools as a young publicist, and it’s wonderful to see our client take such a unique and logical approach to making weddings even more memorable.

    Divine Lorraine.

    The View Atop the Divine Lorraine in North Philly is Breathtaking.

    On a personal level, touring the Divine Lorraine in North Philly was one of the coolest things I experienced this month. Developer Eric Blumenfeld is rehabilitating the beautiful building, and since I moved to Philly more than five years ago, I always wanted to get a peek inside this storied structure. My opportunity came when our client Robert Bynum (owner of Green Soul, Paris Bistro, Warmdaddy’s, and Heirloom) was contacted about the possibility of opening a restaurant within the Divine Lorraine, once the building is restored. The rehabilitation of the Divine Lorraine is a very long time away, and our client has not made any decision about the property, but touring the building was still a very special experience. The view from the top floor is especially breathtaking, and viewing the interior of such a historical and well-known abandoned building on its way back to life makes you realize just how much opportunity a city like Philadelphia can still hold. I am using my opportunity to grow and transform myself into a premier publicist for restaurants, bars and entertainment facilities throughout the Philadelphia area.

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