A Change In The Advertising Age

    Commercials used to be the bane of my television existence; they were annoying nuisances, interrupting my favorite shows to push products that I had no interest in buying. The worst part about commercial breaks wasn’t even the disturbance from my favorite sitcom; it was the selling points! Ads have been tired – and often just plain stupid – for years.

    But lately, something has shifted; commercials are suddenly becoming clever and sometimes even funny. That’s right, I said funny.

    Have you seen the newest Volkswagen spots? I would have never bought a Volkswagen – but the car brand’s recent ads about their convertible Beetle are so witty, that I might just consider purchasing one (for my son)!

    Likewise, I never (and would never) drink Miller Lite beer. Living in Philadelphia (a town, thankfully, obsessed with great craft beers), I don’t even consider Miller Lite as an option. However, the new Miller Lite commercials featuring a couple that met online are spot on! Not to mention, their Valentine’s Day commercial was pretty damn funny.

    The last commercial worth mentioning is Discover Card’s new ad campaign. You know the ones I’m talking about – with the sassy African American woman talking to the amazing customer service team from Discover (a.k.a. herself)! This advertisment hits home because – lets be honest – we all want to talk to an actual person who can fix our problems quickly when we can designated help lines. That, and because the commercial is hilarious.

    We seem to have unknowingly moved into a smarter state of advertising, and I couldn’t be more excited! Whether it is being cleverly punny, creating a funny moment for television watchers, or presenting a relatable point for consumers – Madison Avenue’s “mad men and women” have finally realized how to successfully sell by personally connecting with their viewers!

    To view my favorite new commercials, click here!

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